MRI & tattoos etc… myth 

Hey there I had someone ask me recently about MRI and Tattoo explosion. It may seem like something crazy but it’s really just something very very silly there’s no way that a tattoo is going to explode in an MRI. 

People have hip replacements and all kinds of things that do not affect the MRI scan. There’s types of metal that will but there’s types of Mel’s I don’t. And with the tattoo it’s not like you’re tattooing somebody with Mercury or nickel. It’s kind a like saying if you rub yourself with iodine that it’s going to rip the iodine off of your skin. 

I’ve also heard of an incident where a person said that their tattoo eyeliner bother them in the MRI. But I also have tattooed eyeliner and that has never happened to me. I’m a massage therapist and have been around chiropractics and have had lots of MRI scans and a major car accident. I have never had any kind of difficulty and I even asked.

When I was much younger I had a emergency removal of my appendix and in the same time they left a tourniquet inside. When I had an MRI they told me about it. But it never ripped out of my skin and I was kind of nervous but after that situation I realize that has to depend on a certain type of metal. Most metals that you put into your body need to work with the body so those type of things would not be affected by the MRI.

I’m not sure if something like a pacemaker interrupt with it but I have not researched that yet. I’m not sure of something that has it directly to deal with electrical impulses might be affected but I know something that is just laying there in the body without any true system as in a tattoo or a tourniquet. The person having the MRI should not notice anything.

If in fact they do then the tattoo artist must of did something extremely crazy. That no other normal tattoo artist will do. And that I am not aware of.

Even on MythBusters they proved that high dose of metal in tattooing will still not explode a pork belly. And that’s with overdosing the ink which no one normal does for no reason I guess they just tried to do it to amplify the effect. Which there was none.

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