Pam’s Erotic silhouette Bathroom clip – Marcus London Vimeo channel 

Hello!!! Checking out an old Vimeo clip my friend marcus and I made in vegas almost 2 years ago. I really had a lot of fun shooting and thinking of what to go that’s new 😈

Check out my link to the Erotic silhouette Bathroom clip and also check out a few of his other clips. They are very sexy. 😈

This is also the one of u babe you should post it again

Crochet time!!! Hand and mind exercises ❤️🤔🙏🏼

I loooooooove to crochet

It’s been a little bit of time since I’ve made a scarf but it’s such great meditation and hand exercises that when I was at the art store recently I couldn’t help but pick out some new yarn. Grey is my favorite color and I picked out some beautiful ombre grey.  

Going thru my book I think I’m gonna make a simple wedge design. Something thick but breathable. Ill post some photos so you can see my process… It’s gonna be fun. 

Xo goodnight 


Dog mom & baby sitting 


Look at all the love I’m getting:-) being a great friend to my best friends pit bull Blue

When I opened my car door they jumped in like pilot and co pilot. 😊❤️❤️

Yes I have and love my Prius. In california the car pool is like having table and bottle service. It maybe not as cool as it looks but it’s makes things easier lol.

Xox pamela 


Looking for a work space!!!

Hello again!!! It’s such a beautiful day in Los Angeles!!!

For the last few weeks I’ve been working my ass off and staying close to home I haven’t spent any time on the torch😦 !!!


:-) my place in Studio City isn’t suitable to set up a work station. I have been taking classes in Westminister and sometimes it seems like a long drive when there’s a lot of traffic. Even though it’s great having teachers at the shop I would love my own space.

This next month I will be looking for a place I can practice glass blowing. Preferably I share space so I can have someone else to help me with the equipment etc. If I don’t find a place that is suitable I will be relocating in the next 6 months where I will have my own place at home.

I would love to rent a space but it’s so nice to just be able to walk out of your house and walk into your studio whenever you feel creative. I think the best thing to do is to have a place to work with other people and to have something to work with at home. It’s the best way to get ahead faster.

Waiting and planning can be a little bit boring but it’ll happen soon. Right now I feel like I just wish I had a studio in my yard so bad but six months will go by really quickly.