Car accidents and neck pain. Here’s a simple natural remedy to lessen the pain. – β€œRecently totaled my car.”

Good morning!!! Waking up today I noticed a lot more stiffness in my neck and lower back. Recently I was involved in a totaled car accident and was looking up a simple remedy. Acupressure is always nice because it can relieve tension but I’m also looking for essential oils or teas. I came across this page in a little book I have about essential oils.

Of course we all know that peppermint or menthol can offer pain relief. There is Also another essential oil that is an effective topical analgesic called coriander. I could do the application myself but being a massage therapist and having other friends in the field why not just pamper myself and let someone else do the work? 😁

Let’s try this out an see the results!!!